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Your username is your email address that your high school Athletic Director (or Principal) has entered into the KHSAA School Personnel Database. Unless entered by a member high school, non-high school coaches do not have a login username for the KHSAA system

If you are having trouble logging in, perform the following steps:

1) Contact your Athletic Director to make certain that you have an account in the system, and that your email account is correct. If it is not, your Athletic Director can create or revise your account.
2) If you AD determines that you have an account with the correct email address, but you have forgotten your password, or need to create a new password, click on the link below and follow the instructions for setting or resetting your password.

Neither your Athletic Director, nor the KHSAA will set your password for you for security reasons. When you click to reset your password, you will be sent an email if you have an address in our system. Once you click on the reset password link, there is a one hour time limit on you receiving the email and clicking the appropriate link within the message.

Are you an Athletic Director or other Administrator and need additional assistance? Please contact Rob Catron, IT Director at the KHSAA Office at 859-299-5472 (or send an email to Individual Coaches SHOULD NOT contact the KHSAA but should contact your Athletic Director